Show Notes

Welcome to Tell Me More!, a podcast for amplifying the work of graduate students. In this trailer, host Wilfredo Flores runs through what the show is about, who the guest will be, and what you can expect to listen to. New episodes go live every Friday. If you'd like to learn more about the show, find transcripts, or sign up to be a guest, please check out Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @TMM_Pod, too! Thanks for your time, and be well!

Transcript for "Episode 0: Trailer"

Wilfredo: Hi there! Welcome to Tell Me More! I’m your host, Wilfredo Flores.

[opening theme song plays, “Metre” by Slow Alarm]

W: Tell Me More! is a podcast for amplifying the work of graduate students across a variety of fields, including both MA and PhD students. But, that said, my disciplinary home is within writing and rhetoric studies, so expect a lot of guests to be from this base—think of it as convenience sampling!

Guests chat with me about whatever they want, really. That could be a dissertation chapter or an overview of the diss, a seminar paper, a multimodal project, an idea—or anything else they’d like to share. This is all about spotlighting their work and getting it out to a broader audience.

[atmospheric music plays]

W: In fact, this show is all about amplifying graduate student work and getting the word out about the awesome work they’re doing. Ideally, the audience would be, of course, other graduate students—but also, faculty across a range of university and college types and career trajectories. What I hope for with this project is that it can be a nexus, of sorts, for ideas, projects, jobs, and more—whatever develops from audience and guest interactions. So, if that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, head to to read more about our guests, find transcripts for this and every episode, or to sign up to be a guest! New episodes go live every Friday (just in time for some weekend listening), and to know when they’ve gone live, head over to Twitter at @TMM_Pod for updates and more.

[closing music plays, “Metre” by Slow Alarm]

W: Thanks for listening! You can find out more about this and other episodes at, where you’ll also find transcripts for each episode. The opening and closing theme song is “Metre'' by Slow Alarm. Music licensed under an Attribution, Non-commercial, Share Alike License, and special thanks to Slow Alarm for providing the music free of charge. You can learn more about Slow Alarm at Be well!