Episode 11: Ashley Beardsley

(Released Sept 24, 2021)

Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode of Tell Me More!—now with a fresh coat of paint! We can't wait for you to take a listen to this next series of episodes after reaching our tenth episode. To kick off our refresh, Ashely Beardsley, a fourth-year PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the University of Oklahoma in the Department of English, stops by for a chat about her research.

Specifically, Ashley gives us an overview of her dissertation, through which she argues that food is an understudied form of constitutive rhetoric. Using feminist rhetorical criticism and a bit of media studies, she analyzes how women use Instagram, food radio shows, and community cookbooks to form identity and memory. Ashley is also on the academic job market, so if you listen to this episode and know of a position that is perfect, send it her way. You can learn more about Ashely’s research and academic service at her website. Feel free to email her, too, with any ideas or questions, and follow her on Twitter at @AM_Beardsley.

If you'd like to learn more about the show, find links to things we talked about, find transcripts, or sign up to be a guest, please check out tellmemorepod.com. Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @TMM_Pod, too. Continued well wishes as this the fourth pandemic semester continues. Be safe.

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