Episode 13: Stacy Wittstock

(Released December 10, 2021)

Show Notes

Hello! We at TMM Studios hope you’ve been well during this break in episodes, over the holiday break, and now here at the end of many people’s semesters (shout-out to those on quarter systems). But we’re back with regular episodes for your feeds—just in time for winter break!

In this episode, we’re joined by Stacy Wittstock, a sixth-year PhD candidate specializing in Writing, Rhetoric, & Composition Studies, as well as education studies, at the University of California, Davis. Stacy walks us through an article born from her dissertation project submitted to the Journal of Basic Writing, which examines a cross-institutional basic writing program that was shared between one university of California campus and a local community college. In this fascinating talk, Stacy walks us through the conditions under which the program was created and what eventually led to its demise—all while providing salient takeaways for writing studies today. You can learn more about Stacy’s research and work at www.stacywittstock.com. And please email her, too, with any ideas or questions and to follow up on her fascinating project. Also, feel free to follow her on Twitter at @curiousmagpies!

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